Being Deployed? How You Can Sell Your House In Gainesville

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When you serve in the military, not only are you doing a great service to your country, but you are doing a great service to your fellow citizens around you and you deserve the utmost appreciation. One of the many things that comes with military service is that you may have to pick up and go on short notice when you are deployed and quickly scramble to get life set up somewhere else, or at the very least wrap things up in your current location. 

This means that you will often have to sell your current home and go find a new one somewhere else. Selling a house does not always go as quickly as we you may need it to, especially in the event that you are deployed and need to uproot as quickly as possible.  

There are many hassles that come along with selling a home ranging from having to deal with repairs, staging, getting a realtor, putting it on the market and eventually paying fees and having to give a commission away to someone. Time is money and one thing you cannot count on when putting a house on the market is that it will sell in a timely manner. 

If you are looking to get cash for your house in Gainesville, we would love to buy it. We buy houses for cash no matter what condition they are in. When you call 352-283-4267 and get in touch with us, we will ask for certain key information that will give us a good idea of what to expect and from there we can set up a visit to go take some pictures so that we can figure out exactly what kind of a cash offer we can offer you.

There are no obligations whatsoever and if the offer is not up to snuff for you, simply turn it down. If it sounds good and you are ready to go, you can simply accept and even be the one yourself to decide on a closing date that is best suited for you and your family and will give you enough time to move easily without added stress. You will receive your cash payment and will be ready to move on in life and live out your deployment without worrying about a house collecting dust on the market that will eventually cost you more fees and the commission that the realtor will take when all is said and done.

It is quick and easy process that gets rid of much of the guess work that can come along with putting your house on the market and takes away from the stress of wondering when it will finally sell and takes some of the weight off of your back. We make cash offers on homes in any condition and would love to help you unload your house and look onto the horizon at the next chapter of your life with a little bit of cash in your pocket to help you get started!