Don’t Wait, Don’t Foreclose, Let Grid Home Buyers Buy Your Gainesville House For Cash

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If you are one of the homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure in Gainesville, you are probably facing limited options. Foreclosing your home may hurt you financially and your credit score may suffer as a result. And you might be facing the potential of foreclosure due to lack of mortgage payments or a similar factor. However, there are some ways to avoid foreclosure. Let’s take a look at some tips so you can avoid foreclosure and open up the door to more options for you and your home:


Don’t Ignore The Problem: Ignoring the problem will only make things worse. If nothing is done, your home will be foreclosed and you will also face eviction as well. Plus, the more you put it off the harder it will be for you to reinstate any loan you may be paying. 


Get In Contact With Your Lender: It’s important to get in touch with your home lender as soon as possible. There’s a good chance that they will set you up with a plan to get you back on track so you will be in good standing with your mortgage. 


Consider Selling Your Assets: One other solution is to sell your assets. We’re talking about any secondary vehicles, things you may no longer use and can still be sold for cash like jewelry, and even insurance policies that may not be needed. If you are able to sell any extra items for cash, this might be a good time to do so.


Sell The House…Really: If you are facing the likelihood of foreclosure, it may seem impossible to sell the house the old fashioned way by going through realtors. But why go through the frustration and headaches? Thankfully, there’s a way for you to sell your home while you are staring down the deep dark hole of foreclosure. Grid Home Buyers can buy your home if you need the extra cash. Plus, it will at least get you to pay off whatever you can of the mortgage so you can start off fresh and give your finances the “reset” it needs. 


If you go through with the sell option by going through Grid Home Buyers, here are some things you need to know about us. One, we’ll take any house regardless of the condition that it’s in. Whether it’s in dire need of repair or if you have just renovated it, Grid Home Buyers will purchase your home and pay you cash. We buy houses that are from owners who are facing foreclosure, falling behind on mortgages, in the process of being tied up in a divorce proceeding, and so on. 


When you talk to Grid Home Buyers, we’ll go through the process together. Just let us know about the house and we’ll stop by and take a look at the place. Once we are able to gather information and take pictures of every nook and cranny, we’ll give you an offer and you can choose the closing date that fits your schedule. Before you know it, your house will be sold and you will have cash in hand. From there, you can be able to get your finances in order and start again. 


If your house is facing foreclosure in the Gainesville area, the last thing you want to do is put it off. Contact Grid Home Buyers today and we’ll make sure that your house is in our hands and not in the hands of the bank. For more information, visit us at or call us at 352-234-8389.