Fast Cash For Your House In Hawthorne, FL

Are you thinking about selling your home? Then it is time to think about who will buy your home. In today’s market, there are several options when it comes to getting the most money for your property. While many people know that they need to find a real estate agent to sell their house, this isn’t always true! 

There is another option: selling directly to trusted home buyers like us here at Grid Home Buyers, who can give you top dollar for your house quickly and easily. Our closing dates can be from 10 days or even less. We charge absolutely no extra fees for our services, and we won’t require you to invest in any changes to the property. We’ll take it just as it is!


We Solve Every Situation

We know that many reasons will lead you to sell your home. At Grid Home Buyers, we want to buy it regardless of the situation you might be going through. 

Throughout many years we’ve helped homeowners like you sell their houses when:

  • Going through a divorce 
  • Facing foreclosure
  • You don’t have money to make repairs but still need to sell it
  • You’d like to make some money out of an inherited a property
  • Planning to move away due to personal or professional reasons
  • You don’t want to pay a high commission fee to a realtor for your sale
  • You need cash fast for another purchase

What Happens When You Trust Us?

When you decide on selling through a trusted home buyer like Grid Home Buyers, you get many benefits such as:

  • You can close quickly; in 10 days or less
  • You can skip home inspections and other contingencies because we buy your house as-is
  • Closing costs are lower for cash buyers because they don’t need to pay an attorney or closing fees. 
  • Cash buyers don’t require you to carry any additional homeowners insurance.
  • You can skip having your home available for showings because cash buyers are looking to buy the house “as is.” This is excellent if you’re in a rush to move or are getting ready for another big purchase ahead of you.

Sell My House Fast In Florida

No matter why, when, and where. If you need to sell your house, Grid Home Buyers are here for you! No loads of paperwork and no months of waiting, we keep the process running as quick as possible to avoid any stress and having to change your plans.

With our 10 day turnaround time on offers, we will buy your home regardless of your need to sell. No matter if it’s because you’re relocating for new employment opportunities, getting divorced, moving out, or just want some extra cash, we buy houses in Florida at any time in Grid Home Buyers in Hawthorne, FL.