How Can I Sell a Rental House in Gainesville with Tenants? Quickly Sell Your House with Tenants in Gainesville, Florida with Grid Home Buyers

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Rent is constantly on the rise, and there are about 23.7 million renters as of 2018. Owning a property continues to be the best option and is more appealing for those who want a passive income and a real investment. However, for some this isn’t the dream anymore. But, selling a home with a tenant in it can be a headache. There are landlord-tenant laws in place and other state laws that come into play. To make the process easier on everyone involved, here are some tips to selling your home with tenants in it. 


What’s the Best Path


When it comes to selling a home with tenants in it, it’s not a simple question of whether they should stay or go. Different factors will come into play such as when the lease expires and what your relationship with the tenants is. 

You should consider working with [Company] as they can form a relationship with the tenants. This makes it easier for tenants to leave the home without any incentive. Living in Gainesville, Florida makes it easier to sell a rental house with tenants in it. 


Review the Lease Agreement


If you are wondering how you can sell your Gainesville, Florida home with tenants in it, you can review the lease agreement to see what exactly it states. Look up other laws in your state as far as how much time is required to give your tenant to move out. If you work with [Company], they can help eliminate using a real estate agent to help give the tenants adequate time without having to clean up after them. They will buy the home regardless of what condition it’s left in by the tenants.


Offer Tenants the Chance to Buy


Some people will offer the tenants the option to buy the home. If you just want to get out of the house, this can make for a long process as the tenants might want you to cover the closing cost of the house, and they might want you to make repairs to the home before they buy. [Company] will buy the home from you, and will take care of all the paperwork and cleaning up of the home. 


Go Over all the Details


You and the tenant should agree on terms and things such as how much notice is given to let them move out. You should set up a time to show up and deliver the news to the tenants. Expect that they may not be cooperative and may be a little upset as they now have to find a place to live. With [Company], they will buy the home once the tenants move out allowing you to move and have less stress of having to list the home as well. No real estate agents to pay and deal with, and no extra costs of staging a home.