How Gainesville Home Owners are Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

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Do you live in Gainesville FL? You might be happy to know that Grid Home Buyers will pay you in cash for your house– in any condition. You will not need to pay for repairs! This is great news for many people.


There are many tenants out there who struggle to pay for rent each month. But how are Gainesville homeowners handling this situation?


Before we get started, you can reach us at 352-234-8398 if you need a fast and effective way to sell your home.


Rent is Legally Binding

Rent payments are due by the date on your rental agreement or lease. This is usually the first of the month, however, the last day of the previous month is also a common due date. If a tenant fails to pay rent when it is due, their landlord is allowed to start charging them extra money in fees.


After so many fees, a written warning, and the landlord or homeowner may take further legal action on the tenant. This can be very frustrating for everyone involved. 


This could quickly turn in to a disaster, so how can this situation be avoided?


Do You Have Bad Tenants?

If you have bad tenants who frequently refuse to pay their rent, we can help you. You can sell us your home for cash, after the tenants have moved out, and not worry about the rest. Plenty of homeowners that rent their houses out are doing this to combat losses from tenants who missed a lot of rent.


When you have a tenant that never pays, you understand as a homeowner, that you are sinking a lot of money into the rented home- that is going to get you nowhere. We can give you cash to help you get a fresh start. 


We can pay you as quickly as 10 days after your request or on your time. Once Gainesville homeowners have their money, they either use it to start over with a new rental home or save the money to cover any losses.


You do want to come out of the renting experience emptyhanded and with less money than when you started.  Selling a house quickly in Gainesville is easy with Grid Home Buyers, so do not be afraid to reach out to us today.


The longer you wait with negligent tenants, the more financial damage they can cause you. Plenty of homeowners in Gainesville realized this and use our services to negate the expensive costs.



So, how are Gainesville homeowners dealing with tenants who do not pay their rent? This can cause a lot of loss of money for the homeowners, so plenty choose Grid Home Buyers to help them make that expense back.


We buy homes in any condition and never have any fees or repair costs, so you can be sure that you are getting the most cash for your house. Contact us today if you have problems with tenants.