Selling to Local Trusted Home Buyers in Gainesville

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Since you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash, you need to make sure that you use a trusted Gainesville home buyer so that you don’t get scammed. The way to do that is to understand how cash home buying works so you know you’re dealing with a company that’s on the level.

Why sell your home for cash

If you’re looking for a company to make this transaction with you, there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing some desperate times.

This is why trusted cash buyers for homes are otherwise known as “opportunity investors.” They see someone who needs their help and they have the cash to get you out of a tight spot, whether it’s a series of loans that you can’t pay off or other extenuating circumstances.

Transactions with a trusted home buyer occur very quickly, overstepping usual inspection requirements and other red tape, often giving you an offer and closing on it with a cash payment almost immediately.

Since they don’t have to finance the house at all, you can expect the turnaround for this transaction to be less than a month. Since it’s so quick, you don’t have a lot of time to size up the home buyer and make sure they aren’t scamming you. 

This is why it’s important to follow a few simple rules when trying to sell your home for cash. 

Know the value of your house

If you know the current market, you can avoid being scammed and figure out which Gainesville home buyers are trustworthy. If you contact the company, they’ll want to close a deal quickly. You need to know if they low-ball you on the estimate so you can find someone else.

Beware of commissions

Home buyers in a situation like this should not ask for commissions in addition to the house. If they say that they will charge you such a commission after the house is sold, they are not only setting themselves up to be sued by those who know what a legal conflict of interest is, but they are also revealing themselves to be untrustworthy.

You aren’t going in with a real estate agent who’s on your side to play the market and get their commission – you’re asking someone to pay cash up-front for your house. Don’t trust a home buyer that asks for a little extra on the side as well.

Understand your loans and debts

You might be trying to sell your house for cash quickly because you can’t pay off your mortgage. In that case, your home is worth less than it appears to be because of all those back payments that have to be made up.

A cash home buyer will likely ask you first what your mortgage loans add up to. The offer they ultimately give you for the house will probably be about that amount. 

Depending on how quickly you need the money, try to get a cash payment that is at least as much as your debts.

The Takeaway

It’s essential to find a trusted Gainesville home buyer so you know what you’re getting into. Call Grid Home Buyers at 352-283-4267 for a quick appraisal to get started on the process. Accepting a quick cash payment for a house can be a scary deal, but finding someone whose services seem legit just requires a little foreknowledge.