Selling Your Gainesville House To Grid Home Buyers VS Selling Through An Agent

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Sell Your House Gainesville

If you are looking to sell your house in Gainesville Florida, you may not know that you have more options than simply selling through an agent or trying to navigate the complicated waters of real estate by yourself by selling by-owner.


What you may not know is that Grid Home Buyers is here to buy your house no matter what state it is in quickly and affordably, without the costly agent fees, months on the market, and complicated home improvement projects to increase your home’s value.


However, you may be wondering what selling your house in Gainesville to Grid Home Buyers is like versus if you used a traditional real estate agent.


Never fear, we are here to tell you what the key differences will be between using Grid Home Buyers or selling through an agent.

Selling Your Gainesville Home Through An Agent Is Slow

If you are looking to move quickly and don’t want to double up on mortgage payments or have to pay rent at the same time in a new city as you pay the mortgage on your Gainesville house, using a real estate agent can be excruciatingly slow. If you are building up arrears on a soon-to-be-foreclosed house, you are causing even more damage to yourself.


When you use Grid Home Buyers, you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of inspections, repairs, and negotiations like you would if you were using a real estate agent.

You Will Have To Make Improvements To Your Gainesville House If Selling Through An Agent

Once your home goes through an inspection, almost always there are improvements you will have to make on the home that will come out of your own pocket. This can lose you money in the long run and make the process drag out for a long time.


When you use Grid Home Buyers, there’s no inspections and you won’t have to make any improvements on your home before they buy it.

An Agent Will Charge Commissions To Sell Your Gainesville House

An agent will charge you commissions to sell your home in Gainesville. This is only fair, as its how real estate agents make their money.


However, Grid Home Buyers make their money off of the house they are buying from you. In fact, it is actually illegal for them to charge you a commission. So, you can get the full value of your home as-is without ever having to pay an agent.

You Will Get Your Money Quickly If Selling Your Gainesville House To Grid Home Buyers

Because you won’t be dealing with a buyer who may have financing fall through, you will get the money from selling your home quickly when you use Grid Home Buyers. They are not using bank financing the way that a typical buyer would.


If this sounds like the ideal scenario for your situation, be sure to call Grid Home Buyers at 352-283-4267 today! You can choose your closing date and get a fair value for your home no matter what condition it is in.