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We Buy Mobile Homes Gainesville FL

Here at Grid Home Buyers, we make the home selling process a breeze! We buy mobile homes Gainesville FL in any condition, quickly and for cash! Regardless of your situation, we can help. We’ve helped dozens & dozens of Gainesville mobile home owners who were going through crazy, stressful or burdensome home-owning situations.

Plus, it gets better: not only will you get a cash offer, but you get to choose the closing date!! 😊 We can close in as little as 10 days or on your timeline… whatever is best for you.

Our 4 step process couldn’t be any easier: call us at 352-283-4267 or fill out the contact form, schedule a time for us to come look at the mobile home, come to a meeting of the minds and then we’re off to closing! It really is as simple as that; we don’t make you jump through hoops, fix things up, nit pick this and that or anything else — if you’re saying, “I want to sell my mobile home fast Gainesville,” then this is the perfect, quick solution for you!

Give us a call today at 352-283-4267 to get your cash offer on your Gainesville mobile home! 

Fast & Easy

We can close in as little as 10 days on your Gainesville mobile home, or you can choose to have the closing at a later date… whatever is best for you!

No Fees

We are not listing your mobile home on the MLS like a real estate agent would. We’re actually buying your mobile home, so you don’t have to pay commissions or fees.

No Repairs Needed

We buy mobile homes in Gainesville FL in any condition, so whether your house is immaculate or it needs tens of thousands in repairs, we want to buy it.

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Sell My House Fast Gainesville FL

Grid Home Buyers Makes It Easy!

1. Tell Us About Your House

When you call us at 352-283-4267 or fill out the form below, we’ll gather a few pieces of information — how many bedrooms, bathrooms, size, repairs that may be needed and a few other things.

2. Meet Us At The House

After we get the information we need, we’ll schedule a time with you to come view the home, take pictures of it and make our decision.

3. Get Your Cash Offer

Once we’ve seen the home and gathered the details we need, it’s time to get your cash offer! No obligations here… you can take it or leave it.

4. Choose Your Closing Date & Get Paid!

Once we’ve come to a meeting of the minds, we’re off to closing! You get to choose your closing date and get paid! It’s really that simple!

Sell Your Gainesville House Now

Fill out the quick form below or call us at 352-283-4267 to get an offer on your house TODAY!

Sell A House Without A Realtor Gainesville FL

Are You Facing One Or More of These Situations In Gainesville?

Regardless of the situation you may be facing here in Gainesville, Grid Home Buyers is here to help you! We care about doing one thing: helping people who are going through a difficult, stressful or burdensome home-owning situation here in Gainesville!

We want to walk with you every step of the way… we’re not going to leave you high and dry! We want to treat others how we would want to be treated, and it shows – just read some reviews of people that we’ve helped.

We buy houses in Gainesville in any condition and for cash, so if you’ve been looking to sell your Gainesville house fast, Grid Home Buyers can help — call now 352-283-4267!

Stop losing time and money and let Grid Home Buyers help you today!

When considering how to sell my mother’s house after her passing, I decided Josiah Rivera was the best choice. I had already decided not to use a realtor considering the amount of work that needed to be done. Josiah made the journey of selling the house “As Is” seamless.
He answered all my questions, led me through the process, and made the closing with check in hand quick and easy!
I was impressed with his passion, his youth, and his hard work ethic.
He didn’t disappoint!

Jane R.


I work as an EMT and moved out of state a few years ago so I decided to rent out my house to cover my mortgage payment. The tenant ended up wrecking the house and I didn’t have the time or money to fix it up to rent again. When Zach called me, I was a little skeptical but he was super cool and didn’t fool around. We were able to work out a price I felt was fair and I got a check in the mail in 2 weeks. It was super easy. Those guys are legit.

Kyle M.


Don’t let his baby face fool you! This young man is passionate about what he does and very knowledgeable. Josiah made the whole process simple and quick and I highly recommend.

Herb G.

My adopted parents got a divorce when I was 11 and my father quitclaimed the house to my mother with me as a secondary party so, in the event she passed, I would own it already. She passed away when I was 16 and I was not allowed to actually take title to the property until I was 18. So for those two years I was racking up owed taxes that I didn’t have the money to pay. She was trying to help make sure I got an inheritance but had made so many bad decisions financially that she ended up adding over $60,000 worth of debt attached to the house. Once I turned 18, all of that debt plus the taxes fell on me and my credit was ruined before it even had a chance to start. I felt like I was being crushed and when I had my son there was just no way I could even think about trying to fight the debt. My uncle told me about Josiah and introduced us. Josiah worked tirelessly for almost 3 months fighting for me to make the house sellable. I don’t know how he did it but he was able to get ALL of the debt forgiven AND he even paid all of my taxes that I owed from over the years that weren’t my fault. I was expecting to owe so much money and I almost gave up. I was in a dark place. I would have been thankful with just walking away with nothing and a clean slate but Josiah gave me $15,000 for my house that easily needed $40,000 to fix up. My 2 year old son has a college fund now and I will be forever grateful. God bless you and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You gave my little family a second chance.

Deshaquana W.


Cities Where We Buy Houses

Buy My House Gainesville FL

If you’ve been saying, “I need someone to buy my house in Gainesville,” then give Grid Home Buyers a call today at 352-283-4267. We buy houses in Gainesville in any condition, and we’re Gainesville’s premier home buying company.

We treat others how we want to be treated, so we aren’t going to pull a fast one on you or something crazy like that. We’re here to help buy houses from folks who are ready to sell for whatever the reason.

We help people going though things like Foreclosure, Divorce, Inheritance, Owing back taxes or liens, Owning a fire or water damaged house, Owing more on your mortgage than the house is worth, and just about anything else you can think of! We’ve helped countless Gainesville home owners sell their house fast, so we know we can help you too!

Gainesville Home Buyers

We are local, not one of those big, national companies based somewhere else. We’re your hometown home buyers! We are your choice for the best Gainesville home buyers. We buy houses Gainesville all the time, so we know a thing or two about buying houses in Gainesville 😉 

We aren’t inexperienced like some other companies are, or that are out there to just take advantage of folks. We’re here to truly help people in Gainesville sell their house quickly and easily.

 We’ll do our very best to answer questions you have, and if you have a very specific question that we may not know the answer to, we won’t just make something up — we’ll go to the appropriate source to get you what you need. Our credibility is built on our integrity, so we aim to maintain the highest level of integrity as possible when we buy houses in Gainesville for cash!

Sell A House Without A Realtor Gainesville FL

Selling your house in Gainesville with a real estate agent can come with loads of paperwork, a lengthy process, dozens of folks traipsing through your home, and more unwanted steps. PLUS, you have to pay expensive fees and commissions when selling your Gainesville house.

Want sell my house fast Gainesville without that stress, lengthy process and uncertainty? Good thing Grid Home Buyers is here 😉

We will buy your house in Gainesville with ZERO commissions or fees. In fact, we’ll pay all of the closing costs as well. We really make the process extremely simple, easy and hassle free!

How To Sell My House For Cash Gainesville FL

Have you been saying, “how to sell my house for cash Gainesville FL without any hassles or fees?”

Grid Home Buyers makes the home selling process as easy as can be. On top of not charging any commissions or fees — because we aren’t real estate agents who are listing your house… we actually are buying your Gainesville house — we buy houses in Gainesville in as-is condition & you get to choose the closing date!

Call Grid Home Buyers Today To Get Your Fair, Cash Offer — 352-283-4267!

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