What is a Cash Home Buyer?

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You’ve likely heard the words before—Cash Home Buyer. What does that mean? Who actually is a cash home buyer, and what do they do? Is a cash home buyer someone who can help you?


The short story? Probably. Cash home buyers are people who are in it for the long haul, and in it to help people who need their help—even if it means taking a lemon off the market in exchange for a fair cash payment, because that helps the seller as well as the market. (It’s not a good look for the real estate market if houses aren’t routinely moving!) 


In this piece, we’ll briefly discuss what a cash home buyer does, and talk about how to contact the most reliable cash home buyer Gainesville has to offer. 


If you find yourself with a house on your hands that you need to sell quickly, then a cash home buyer is the ideal person to come to the rescue. You’d be surprised—this happens far more often than you’d expect! People going through foreclosure, messy divorce or inheritance situations, or who have suffered some kind of natural disaster might all easily find themselves in situations where they need to get a house off their hands, fast.


You might be surprised that a cash home buyer would look at a house that’s gone through fire or water damage. A cash home buyer would do much more than that: a cash home buyer would definitely buy that house! Cash home buyers often issue guarantees that they’ll buy any house, no matter what—and they’re not lying. Cash home buyers focus on helping out people in need—not necessarily the house in question. Because of this, a cash home buyer is usually your best bet if you have a house that you need to move quickly! 


This is the other great thing about cash home buyers: the timeline. When you’re working in a traditional real estate setting with a company or an agent, you’ll be stuck in limbo for most of the process (hint: it involves a lot of waiting). From sprucing up and repairing the house (which you’ll be in charge of) to listing and waiting for people to come look at the house, you could be working on selling it for a year! You probably don’t have that kind of time. 


And that doesn’t even factor in the hefty percentages that traditional real estate agents take as their fee! 


With Grid Home Buyers, you can expect a fair cash offer for your house in a matter of days—not months. Once you’ve called us and we’ve set up a meeting to walk through the house, you can even choose your own closing date. No real estate company in the world can offer that kind of security! 


If you’re ready to start your home selling solution now, then call us at 352-283-4267. We at Grid Home Buyers are ready to help you get that unwanted house off of your hands!