What to do if Your House has Been on the Market for over 100 Days in Gainesville

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One hundred days: that’s a long time—especially if your house is on the market and you’re waiting to sell! 100 days represents a sad benchmark, as well: according to this website, after about three months or a hundred days on the market is when most agents will advise dropping the amount of money that you’re asking for, or even going through the headache-ridden process of re-listing your house so it doesn’t look like it’s been on the market that long! 


Truly, the whole process of dealing with selling a home on the traditional real estate market is a nightmare—and the longer it gets, the more likely you are to wish that you’d wake up, and soon! 


Fortunately, there’s a better way! If you’re thinking to yourself, “Man, I need a company that just says ‘we buy houses Gainesville’”. You might chuckle to yourself after thinking that, as you’ve become jaded and bitter from your months languishing on the MLS. However, it really is that simple. If you live in Gainesville, there is a company that will buy houses, period. It doesn’t matter what condition they’re in, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying to sell it—in fact, all of those crucial details that your real estate agent has been telling you are the reasons you need to lower your expectations and wait longer won’t matter to this company at all.


At Grid Home Buyers, we pride ourselves on being the solution that you’ve been waiting for. If your house has been on the market for a really long time, stop putting yourself through all of that torture! Get out of there! Call Grid Home Buyers at 352-283-4267, and you can set up a meeting with us in minutes. We’ll come over, look at the home, shake your hand—and within a matter of days, we’ll get you a fair cash offer, no strings attached.


No strings—at all. It doesn’t matter if your house needs extensive repairs after fire or water damage, we’ll still help you out! This is because we as a company care about you, not just about our bottom line. Because of this, we’ve even made the commitment to waive all fees associated with traditional realty. Yes, that’s right—that hefty fee that your real estate agent is hoping to make as commission? We don’t do that. There are no fees at all associated with our service. We just step in to make your life easier by giving you a fair cash offer, and you get to walk away.


We’ll even take care of all of the paperwork—making us a great option if you’re going through a messy probate or foreclosure situation! If you need to move a house fast, call 352-283-4267 today to start your home selling solution. You’ll be walking away with pockets full of cash in no time at all, ready to start the new life that your old home was able to finance for you.

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